Mr Green – Time to go WILD

This week is going to be a WILD one! Every 400 rounds played on the Mr Green ‘Sticky Wild‘ game collection earns a player €5 in Bonus CASH every single day throughout the promotion. That’s up to €120 you could be claiming throughout this WILD promotion.


£/€10,000 ‘Iron Girl’ Challenge

06/11 – 11/11

Mr Green players are claiming their share of 10 cash prizes every 2 days – that’s a total of 30 cash prizes totalling €10,000 over 6 days of epic hero action! Intergalactic authorities have posted bounties for each 2 days of play with the 1st prize DOUBLING each time.

Iron Girl Challenge

🎰 Released This Week 🎰

Live Casino 

Rolling LIVE Jackpot  

05/11 – 30/11

Last week Mr Green had a player walk away with the €10,000 jackpot! This month they are giving away another €5,000!! Will it be one of you players that joined their 10 happy winners?

Rolling Live Jackpot

LIVE Beyond LIVE Weekday Fun


Who loves Live Casino? At Mr Green, we can play to one of the best live casino on the  market. Why won’t you try it?

Live Casino

Evolution LIVE Weekends

We don’t stop at weekdays; Players can enjoy rewards on LIVE Casino every weekend this October. With €2,000 up for grabs & the only qualifier being to play – you would be crazy to pass up our weekend of fun.

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